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New Chairman and President Appointed

  Author:DU | Published:2014-08-30

The new Chairman of the University Committee, Prof. Li Xinghua and the new President, Prof. Zhang Qiaogui were appointed and arrived on campus on August 19, 2014. At the meeting with the teachers and facuty members, Mr. He Jinping, Director-General of the Yunnan Provincial Department of Education expressed his congratulations and best wishes to the newly appointed Chairman and President, and to the University. Prof. Dai Zhimin, former Chairman of the University,  gave his farewell speech and his cordial wishes for bright future of the University.

Prof. Li Xinghua said that to be appointed as the Chairman, the Head of the Team, is his great honor, and he would make great efforts to shoulder the responsibilty. Prof. Zhang Qiaogui stated that Dali is his hometown and promised that he would try his best to make the Univeristy more popular.

Prof. Li Xinghua                   

Prof. Zhang Qiaogui



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